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I have been a member of the underground poker community for quite a few years. When you attend as many games as I have, you start recognizing faces and building friendships. You also start building a false sense of security, and forget that you're attending an event that typically lures in the degenerates of the world on bodog poker.

It's an absolute necessity to take bodog poker steps before jumping into the world of underground poker.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that many underground poker environments prove tempting to robbers. Hosts and patrons alike should take heed. Now, that's not to say that you need to pack heat every time you sit down at the table. In fact, if you're regularly attending a game at bodog poker that makes you feel as if a firearm is required for safety, that alone should spur you to start searching for a new one.

But there are many warning signs that the game you're walking into may be a magnet for unsavory characters like bodog poker. Here are some underground environments that you'll want to steer clear of bodog poker.

Underground poker robberies do happen -- and they happen often. In my own experience, four local games were held up over the course of one holiday season within a circuit that I attend. The cash taken from each game varied, but each time it was in excess of $5,000 US. One game at bodog poker was taken for nearly $20,000. The players in attendance were also made to empty their pockets, and the thieves made off with their wallets, jewelry and cell phones.

There are some questions to ask yourself to determine if the game you're headed to is an appealing robbery target. How big will the game be? How did the host spread word about it? How reputable is its location? How secure would you feel walking to your bodog poker vehicle at the end of the night? Will the host provide security? And what is the general appearance of the players that you see in attendance? Largely, these are common-sense questions, but frequently overlooked nonetheless.

Over-populated games
If you're attending a game that has over 30 people in regular attendance at bodog poker, chances are that poker players aren't the only ones who have heard about it. Word spreads about a great game in a fashion that would make a multilevel marketer green with envy, and it doesn't take long for it to reach a less than desirable ear.

Hosts can also over-market a game. Many underground games advertise themselves on newsgroups, forums and bodog poker via the Internet. If your intuition tells you that this isn't a terribly sensible idea, it's because it isn't. Many robbed games have one thing in common: They were publicly advertised online.

Foreign games
Be wary of unchartered territory. If you live in the bodog poker, it might not be a great idea to drive to the inner city to play in an area that you aren't familiar with -- much less in a game that you aren't familiar with. Many games don't have parking facilities in the immediate vicinity. If you have to walk to your vehicle at 4:00 in the morning with $3,000 in winnings stuffed in your pockets, how safe would you feel taking that walk in an unfamiliar bodog poker neighborhood?

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